Different Types Of Chandeliers

Different Types Of Chandeliers

Chandeliers as an Astonishing Piece of Interior Design 

More than just a piece of light fixture, chandeliers create a magical ambiance in any space. This ornamental piece of suspended lights has become an extraordinary statement piece of home decor and is now widely used in different settings, including events and homes. 

Chandeliers do not just offer light to your space; they're a symbol of elegance.

So, whether you're looking to decorate your wedding, party, kitchen, or patio, with chandeliers, you just can't go wrong! 

But what makes chandeliers so special? 

For context, let us go for a little history class. 

History of Chandeliers

Chandeliers were first used during the medieval period (middle ages lasting between the 5th to late 15th centuries). Wow, isn't that such a long time ago? 

But obviously, they didn't always use electricity or bulbs. In fact, chandeliers during those times had candles as their source of light, placed in bronze or iron frames suspended on a chain. If you're a fan of movies set in the middle ages like those Roman epics, this will ring a bell. 

There was also a later variation that took the shape of a lampstand placed on legs instead of chains. Notably, people so adored the beauty of this ornamental lighting piece that they started using it in synagogues, churches, and finally, wealthy, aristocratic households. 

The chandelier design started getting more complex and took the shape of bronze or iron frames housing several globes or conical glasses containing wick and oil.

More wealthy people started using chandeliers, and it became an essential decorative feature in palaces and homes where noblemen resided. Obviously, its high cost made it a symbol of luxury and status. 

With chandeliers growing more popular among high net-worth individuals, designers invested more into the design of chandeliers up until electricity came into being. 

And little by little, chandeliers crept into every corner of the earth, every room, and every party, donning them with rich, exquisite accent lighting and a magical ambiance. 

Chandeliers and Pendants: Any Difference? 

While chandeliers often have multiple lamps and several branched frames, pendant lights typically have fewer lamps and elements. However, when we consider larger pendants and the functionality of pendants and chandeliers, we see that the line gets thinner. 

Broadly speaking, chandeliers cover pendant lighting as well. 

How to Choose Chandeliers for Different Purposes

There are diverse kinds of chandeliers, and some are more suited for some settings. Typically, when buying a chandelier for your home decor or event interior design, you should choose one that creates the kind of effect you wish to have in the space or one that works with the interior design you already have. 

Farmhouse Chandeliers

If your intention is to create a nostalgic, countryside appeal, your go-to should be a farmhouse chandelier. These lights give you that unquenchable thirst for the countryside with their rustic, aged-looking metal or wooden frames. 

Contemporary Chandeliers

These chandeliers are symbols of innovation and minimalism. They bring that luxury and sharpness to your interior while being minimalist at the same time. Contemporary chandeliers do not contain prisms but offer direct light, sometimes with translucent glasses covering each lamp to produce low-key ambient lighting.

Modern chandeliers

With LED bulbs and refractive crystal prisms, this type of chandeliers symbolizes cutting-edge innovation and sophistication. Modern chandeliers take from both classic and contemporary designs.

Why You Should Consider Getting A Chandelier For Your Home Decor Now

Chandeliers bring elegance and class to your space 

Want to highlight your lifestyle of beauty and class in your home? A chandelier is one way to go. You can use it to grace your patio, entryway, living room, kitchen, wedding, event, or other social space. Property owners are now using chandeliers to bring life and warmth to their space. You could, too. 

Chandeliers are beautiful

This is a no-brainer. Whether you're going for a farmhouse or contemporary chandelier, one thing remains: chandeliers are a beautiful piece of art. 

Rather than have regular lamps that go bland when off, chandeliers are still eye-catching even when powered down. 

They create a warm, ambient atmosphere.

Want to create a romantic atmosphere for your bedroom? Accent lights can do the trick. They create that warm, welcoming feel to any room or entrance they're placed. Standard lightings cannot do this as they're too sharp and bland.

So if you want your lover or visitor to feel welcome and cozy in paradise, chandeliers would never disappoint. 

Chandeliers give uniformity to your space.

Regular lights typically focus on some areas and then dim as the rays get farther. So standard lighting wouldn't be too great for larger spaces. On the other hand, chandeliers spread light evenly throughout the space. The ambient light can reach areas normal lighting wouldn't usually illuminate properly. 

You don't get to break your walls.

Normal light fixtures often require you to bore holes into your walls. When you want to paint, clean or renovate your interior design, you'd often have to address the wall lightings. But it's not so for chandeliers. You can make updates to your space without touching your chandelier, which hangs from the ceiling. 

Chandeliers can upgrade your business.

If you own a small business, say a boutique, you can transform the feel to look like a designer's shop with a modern or contemporary chandelier. What's more? Create a romantic atmosphere in your bar, restaurant, or hotel with this astonishing accent lighting, and customers would feel so much at home in there. That potentially means more revenue for you. 

In summary, a chandelier can transform any ordinary room, event, or shop into a special space, thus having more impact on the people therein. 

Next steps

So are you looking to decorate your old or new home? Designing a wedding party, event, office, or other commercial space? Now's the right time to browse these beautiful decorative Chandeliers pieces. 

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