Expert Tips On Decorating With Chandeliers

Expert Tips On Decorating With Chandeliers

Chandeliers are an excellent way to create a luxury appeal for your interior space. Whether you're going for a large Crystal Chandelier or a Foyer Chandelier or  pendants, it's sure to arrest attention. 

However, determining the right Chandelier to purchase for each room can seem daunting. That's because there are different styles and different size, some best suited for specific spaces than others. 

That's why we help to break things down through a step-by-step process. 

To help you get your decor right, here are four expert tips on how to decorate correctly using Chandeliers. 


 Browse through our online store

Our online stores make things easier for shoppers by categorizing the lighting pieces according to their appropriate space. At Bright Light Chandeliers you'll find just the perfect chandelier for your living room, bedroom, foyer, and lots more. So if you need one for your kitchen, you'll know precisely where to look, we will enhance your shopping experience. 




Determine the decor effect you want to create 

Certain chandelier designs go with specific decor styles. So before you start your decorating you need to know your space, and the kind of style that you prefer. If you are a Transitional Chandelier lover or even Modern Chandelier. We have the just the right Chandeliers to fill out any space that will capture attention.



Consider the room size

One crucial tip to remember when decorating with chandeliers is to always use one that's neither too small nor too big for the space. 

Too big, and it's overwhelming; too small, and it looks out of place. For example, you want to use a smaller size above your home office and a larger one for your living room. Here, proportion is key. 

A general rule of thumb is for the chandelier's width or diameter to be between half and two-thirds of the dining table or Kitchen Island width. For rectangular chandeliers, the length should be between half and two-thirds of the dining table or Kitchen Island length. 

Additionally, it should hang 30-36 inches above the tabletop, your height and the height of your ceiling should be taken into consideration as well.

You can always use an online calculator to get your measurements right without much hassle. 

 Wrapping up

When it comes to interior decor, it's more about your style. If you're a traditionalist, it's best to go with the general tried-and-true standards. But if you have a flair for the unconventional, never be afraid to experiment.

At Bright Light Chandeliers, you can find the right lighting fixtures to transform your interior without breaking the bank. We will offer the best shopping experience that will suits your need.

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